June 2017

Carton Boat

All Case Study

“What strategies should we follow to achieve a shared result?”

Objectives and planning procedure:

  • Enhancing cross collaboration of heterogeneous teams in terms of origin and organizational culture.
  • Improving the ability to develop the most appropriate strategies to achieve a shared outcome.
  • Ensuring that the team is able to face a very important challenge and managing its complexity.
  • Creating the conditions necessary for developing trust, listening skills, as well as creativity, competition, determination and problem solving.

The day starts with a briefing  to give details of the case and to deliver the materials to make the boats. All participants are organized into teams and each  team  must achieve the same objective. Our outdoor training experts  ensure that all the activities are carried out in the safest manner.

“Without the whole group participation and collaboration it’s hard for the team to float long.”

This is an activity as much demanding as amusing . While building the group spirit of collaboration, it is especially effective in strengthening  the cross  cooperation of heterogeneous teams, by  origin and organizational  culture. Just this kind of groups need to orient in managing the relational and role complexity  within a matrix organization.