October 2019 – June 2020

Being on the stage

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“Is it possible to look at relationships with our clients in a new way in order to identify the negative patterns that are holding us back from development and renewal?”

Objectives and planning procedure:

  • Working for developing relational leadership of an important BU.
  • Boosting individual motivation and let people observe and carry out relationships with their clients from a renewed point of view.
  • Strengthening some specific relational skills.

We are focused on three types of abilities:

  • Observing what happens around us and learning to read the weak signs of communication in order to be able to intervene in a relationship in an appropriate and flexible way.
  • Being proactive, rather than reactive, in a relationship by learning to transform as well as to get transformed by someone else.
  • Clearly expressing our own opinions maintaining a fair balance between being active and being receptive, acting with courage or suspending the action when needed; that is to say, learning to follow the rhythm of a relationship.

“Learning new ways to look at established professional relationships ”

All activities are realized in collaboration with the School of Theatrical improvisation Teatribù.

“Improvisation” means the art of being on the stage without  a script. This principle combines well  with an organizational life where it is increasingly important to be able to look at what happens. So people, like that, can find a smart way of relating with others.

Through improvisation we can build an experience which enables us to:

  • Learn to listen to others without prejudice;
  • Learn to accept proposals by others;
  • Learn to transform for giving back something helpful for the situation;
  • Look for what is needed at that time and avoid staying stuck in our previous ideas;
  • Learn to appreciate each other by shifting the focus from oneself to the context and giving feed-back;
  • Learn to pick up the timing of a relationship, acting boldly and trusting in our own capacities. Workshop activities are accompanied by a thorough debriefing carried out by our consultants, in order to support reworking and learning by experience.