April 2015

Barrier-free doctors

All Case Study

“Towards an aware and shared patients’ compliance to treatment”

Objectives and project procedure

-providing the doctor with the elements  needed to involve the patient in the treatment process, which will be transformed into a “taking care of” treatment.

-Giving  her/ him the needed communication tools  enabling to create new  ways of relating, in order to transform  a one-way  doctor-patient relationship  into a circular one  shared by both of them.

– With this in mind, a mutually satisfactory  relationship can be stimulated.

The above project involved  our communication experts, a consultant specialist doctor and a small film crew.

“Being relationship-oriented means to us  being  solution-oriented”.

The complex treatment process  derives its effectiveness from the quality of the relationship. That is the reason why it is so important to create a collaborative environment where patient and doctor, even though performing different roles, work together. In order to face the several patient’s resistances,  it is important to learn how to dance with him, avoiding a tug-of-war pitfall . However, during the treatment, it is absolutely necessary to maintain a clear definition of the objectives  to be pursued , possibly adapting them to the specific situations and availabilities.