May 2012

Ideas engineering

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“Can we be prepared to seize the elements of change and to create new solutions?”

Objectives and project procedure

  • Granting a work of relational integration with the company  leadership team, strengthening its innovative/creative potential.
  • Helping participants to channel their potential towards operational purposes, problem solving and complex issues management.
  • Committing the team to realizing a digital communication product, which is an important guide value for the whole organization. This project used the specialist skills of an expert in communication and image.

“Creativity cannot be taught, however  it can be learned”

It is possible to help people not to make do with their usual  ways, to follow rules and procedures with flexibility , to find out creative solutions even within the most simple working aspects, to trust their own capacity to develop new ideas and evaluating their real applicability, to promptly seize the change and to exploit the opportunity offered.

Our workshops boost people to become aware of their own innovative potential  and to draw on their creative resources.

This is an empowerment approach based on both motivation and self- awareness. In this sense, it  is  not  meant to be a simple transfer of techniques, but rather a way of researching  and developing  a constant  improvement of  human and professional potential.