September 2014

From people to results: the fortress

All Case Study

“Analysts  do not feel  integrated enough into the company”

Objectives and project procedure

  • Developing people management skills of managers and department supervisors
  • Strengthening the sense of team identity and company belonging
  • Learning to look at the organizational system to become part of the work process responsibly  and competently

Outdoor training involving 150 people. Participants were divided into teams and were asked to build a fortress that had to be as follows:  a wooden building of 4 square meters  equipped with watch-towers  and team logo

The work was organized as follows: a part of the team was commissioned to construct the main building, meanwhile the rest of them were involved in winning  the necessary equipment  by playing a team game. All participants worked together in a spirit of cooperation and with a cross-functional  integration. Each participant has intentionally brought into play her/his own skills in order to effectively manage the work processes. An accurate de-briefing  let them understand how to transport this metaphorical experience into their professional reality as a team.

“A very high level of challenge in terms of cognitive, emotional, relational and organizational skills”.

All activities were designed in such a way as to be used as metaphors  of real work situations, during which everybody  had to deal with limited resources, stressful  deadlines, several  personalities, different  kinds  of motivations.

As a matter of fact, achieving our objectives in the different projects depends on three main factors:  an effective management of resources, the different types of  leadership styles within the context and the ability to work as an integrated team.